Masterpieces with a different market view

The success has many fathers. We bring these together with an exceptional expertise and selected network. More than 25 years of professionalism have brought this alliance together with masters and masterly knowledge. We offer visionary and sustainable solutions for the complex markets and sales of our time.
MASTER MINDS brings together the experts, decision makers and talents necessary for market dominance today. I guarantee a holistic view for detailed and complete solutions in Business Development, Lean Management, Brand and Product Management.

“We have the expertise and the courage to embrace actual innovation and its implementation.”

Master Thesis

The systems of markets and processes dominate us. Management is more conformist than ever. The complexity appears as omnipotence, which makes actual innovation, positioning and control impossible. By the time you get to the bottom, you have caught up with the market, the competitor and time. It seems so…

We offer the expertise and the courage to engage in actual innovation and implementation, leading clients to a new world view of their core competencies, building them as a vibrant brand world and establishing them on the market. 

We develop factual unique selling points and create their brand world at all levels. Outwardly towards the target group and internally as a lived culture.

In our work, visions on processes and facts meet emotions.

Master Board

Ilia Krammer
Ilia KrammerMaster Mind
Has been a marketing expert with many awards and a specialist for holistic innovations, New Economy and Digitisation for 30 years.


Dr. Ramona Kordesch MA
Dr. Ramona Kordesch MAFoundation Societas Futura
Dr. theol. Ramona Maria Kordesch, MA is Chairman of the Board of Societas Futura and teaches at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Lukas Krammer
Lukas KrammerJunior Master
For 5 years expert in Event Management, Web & Marketing. Worked for over 100 clients throughout Europe and also organised events on an international level.
Gabriela Müller
Gabriela MüllerArt Master
For 5 years entrepreneur-based thoroughbred designer. Self-employed since autumn 2018. Part-time student of Graphic Design & Communication at the Faber-Castell Academy.
Michaela Maria Wartbichler
Michaela Maria WartbichlerArt Director Visual Arts
Specialises in Graphic Design Illustrations, Artworks, Motion Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Visual Effects, Storytelling & Concepts.
Natascha Wartbichler
Natascha WartbichlerOnline & Graphic Master
Many years of practice and training in online content and social media management, as well as graphic design. In addition, herbalist and fitness trainer.

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